Alex Machacek

Alex Machacek (1972, Tulln, Austria) is a brilliant and truly original fusion jazz guitarist.

Alex Machacek established himself as on of the greatest jazz and fusion jazz guitarist on this planet with his album [SIC] in 2006, bringing the mystery of fusion jazz guitar to a new level.

The expression “[sic]” is a Latin expression inserted in quotes to underline that the quote is actually a correct quote. Sic means somthing like “this is the (erroneous) way it actually was expressed”.

Alex Machacek was raised in Vienna, Austria. And like so many master jazz guitarist he started out in his childhood (1980 - 1986) studying classical guitar at the local music school. He got his degree in Jazz Guitar and Jazz Education at the Music Conservatory of Vienna in Austria. See short biography of Alex Machacek at his official web site.

He says he is inspired by Joe Pass1), Allan Holdsworth, Frank Zappa and Zappas album “Live in New York”, and jazz guitarist Ben Monder. But there seems to be a dosis of 20th century classical music in his incredibly forceful falling sound walls.



  • 1999: “Featuring Ourselves”
  • 2001: “Delete and Roll”
  • 2005: DVD “Outttrio - Live at the Steamboat”
  • 2006: “[SIC]”
  • 2007: “Improvision”

A more complete Selected discography, with more info and sound samples.

Sound samples


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