Arpeggiando. It. Arpeggio playing.
Arpeggia're. It. To break a chord.
Arpeggiatura. It. Series of arpeggios.
Arpeggio. “In harp style”; broken chord, that is, a chord of which the notes are struck successively, not sounded together.
Arpeggione. Obsolete six-stringed instrument resembling both guitar and cello, played with a bow.

To arpeggio [from italian arpeggiare - “to play the harp”] is to play the tones of a chord one by one, in rapid succession, not simultaneously.

E Major 

p thumb
i index
m middle
a annular (ring) finger


Scott Henderson

A minor

Interesting lesson on arpeggios by Scott Henderson. He says “you can give the sound of a major, minor, dominant, or dominant 7 altered chords by going up the fretboard in fifths. To get lets say A minor, you go from A up a fifth to E, then another fifth to B, then up a half step to C, and then do more fifths. A fifth up to G, a fifth up to D…