• Willmott, Bret: Mel Bay's Complete Book of Harmony, Theory & Voicing. Mel Bay Publications Inc. USA. 1994. Comprehensive text that combines theory, harmony and voicing material with emphasis placed on voice leading. Primary focus is harmonies based on four-note drop 2 chord. Voicings on the middle strings of the guitar. Topics: Tensions, Voice Leading Chord Scales, Enharmonic Chordal Substitutions, Fourth Voicings, Chromatic Guide Lines, Triad Over Bass Voicings… Bret Willmott is a professor at Berklee College of Music.
  • Rinzler, Paul E:.Jazz Arranging and performance Practice: A Guide for Small Ensembles, Metuchen, N.J.: Scarecrow Press, 1989. Jazz pianist Paul Rinzler is a doctor of Arts at The University of Northern Colorado, and teaches music theory and jazz studies classes at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and the Director of Jazz Studies Music Dept., Cal Poly State University. See his homepage for JAZZ INSTRUCTION DOWNLOADS by Paul Rinzler or listen to excerpts from Paul Rinzler jazz piano trio

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