Ben Monder

Ben Monder (1962 -) is an american jazz guitarist and composer.

Studied music at the University of Miami and Queens College

Has developed his own modern jazz sound marked by free improvisation, expressive power, and an exeptional right hand technique.

Like Alex Machacek, his compositions is inspired by 20 century symphonic music.


  • Flux (Songlines, 1995)
  • Dust (Arabesque, 1997)
  • Excavation (Arabesque, 2000)
  • Oceana (Sunnyside Records, 2005).

If anything, Monder’s music has gotten even more distilled and strange, but Oceana’s blend of virtuosity, thematic rigor and outright heaviness impressed a lot of listeners and placed it on a lot of critic’s best of 2005 lists. The playing is exceptional throughout, but air-guitarists beware—these are pieces that create indelible and sometimes unnervingly alien sonic worlds and the moods they establish aren’t easily dispelled.
–Paul Olson, All That Jazz.


  • Oceana by John Kelman @ All That Jazz.



  • Ben Monder: Surprise from Cohesion by Paul Olson in “All About Jazz”, February 6, 2006.
  • Ben Monder Interview by Phil Di Pietro, Abstrax Logix, January 2006. The interview goes into the depth of the thoughts behind some of the songs on his album “Oceana”, The interview is accompanied with sound samples from those tracks, as Moders explains them.


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