Billy Rogers

Billy Rogers (1950-1987) was an American bebop Jazz Guitarist from Omaha, Nebraska. He replaced Larry Carlton after Carlton left the jazz fusion band “The Crusaders” in the late 1970s. Billy played on two of their albums, “Images” and “Streetlife”.

His playing was captured on the CD “The Guitar Artistry of Billy Rogers”, made up of collected tapes recorded at home. Overdubbed and produced by Jazz Guitarist Dave Stryker. The CD is available at Dave's website Soundclips:

Pat Metheny: “The Guitar Artistry of Billy Rogers”: “This compilation, put together by Omaha's other great jazz guitar export, Dave Stryker, is a loving and wonderful portrait of a musician who sadly left us far too soon. For serious fans of jazz guitar, this record is a must.”

This is a video presentation of the the album on Youtube: