Reverse Chord Decoder

Reverse chord decoding from note names. For reverse decoding chords from the fretboard, see Guitarcodex.

Chord Decoder is an applet that attempts to derive possible chord name for your entered notes names. Enter your notes in the checkboxes with your mouse, and then click the “Find Chord” button. Or click on a root note and a chord type, to use the applet as a quick reference for finding the intervals and notes that define a chord.

GuitarCodex applet

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Tip: For visual chord decoding from the fretboard, use the Guitarcodex applet.

A good software alternative is WINCHORD. For more advanced chord identification needs, download the “WINCHORD”, (a.k.a “Chords for Windows” by the Dutch software developer Wilko C. Emmens. This piece of freeware may look a bit antiquated, but is a very good and feature rich program for experimenting with chords. On of the features is “Identify” (chord identification), a very good chord decoder.

Download: Winchords homepage (393kb).