Chris Standring

Chris Standring (b. 1960) is a british jazz guitarist, composer, and educator. He has had a number of smooth jazz radio hits like “Cool Shades” and “Hip Sway”.

Standring started playing guitar at the age of six, and took classical guitar lessons on and off into his teens, before he finally decided to study solo classical guitar at London College of Music. He then had ten years of experience as a freelance session player in London, and wrote music for the BBC as well as a number of theatrical orchestras on London's West End, before moving to Los Angeles in February of 1991.

In the USA he started the Solar System acid jazz band together with Rodney Lee.

Styles: Jazz, smooth jazz, acid jazz, funk and R&B.

Gear: Benedetto Custom Archtop jazz guitar especially made for Chris Standring by luthier Robert Benedetto.


  • “Solar System” (1996)
  • “Velvet” (1998)
  • “Hip Sway” (2000)
  • “Shades Of Cool”
  • “Groovalicious” (2003)
  • “Soul Express” (2006)

Books and educational material

“With ”Play What You Hear“ Chris Standring, an accomplished guitarist, composer, and educator, has created a superb learning experience for the aspiring jazz guitarist. It's both fun to use and easy to comprehend. Highly recommended!” – Mark Stefani. Guitarist, Educator, and Founder of Vision Music1)


Biographical video of Chris Standring

Chris Standring: "Catwalk"

Taken from Chris Standring's 2006 album “Soul Express”. Audio

Excerpt from Chris Standring's 'Guitar Made Simple' home study CD Rom course for beginners.

Unike and excellent beginners/intermediate lessons made by Chris Standring himself.

"Miss Downtown Sugargirl"

From the 2003 album 'Groovalicious' on Mesa/Bluemoon Records.

Lessons by Chris Stranding



Guitar Lessons by Chris Stranding

  • In “Stepping Outside” Chris sheds some valuable light on how to effectively use chromatic side-slipping in jazz improvisation. Tutorial at Vision Music
  • Home study jazz guitar course Chris Standring's educational jazz guitar website.