Django Reinhardt

Jean-Baptiste “Django” Reinhardt (1910 - 1953), was a Belgian gipsy jazz guitarist and compose.

His unique style had something to do with a fire that broke out in the caravan of him and his wife Bella, in 1928. Djangos hand was severely injured. The fire left him with only three remaining useful fingers on the left hand. His third and fourth fingers remained partially paralyzed. Up until then Django had been a banjo player. His brother Joseph Reinhardt, an accomplished guitarist himself, bought Django a new guitar. Six years later Django and his brother founded the Le Quintette du Hot Club de France. The instrumentation of the band was uconventional. It was an all-string swing jazz band with three guitars, acoustic bass, and violin. The violin was played by Stéphane Grappelli (1908 – 1997). Until the was broke out in 1939, the band had been touring Europe and Great Britain, and they made several recordings.

After the war, Django went to America, and toured with Duke Ellington…