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Tip: Java based programs like GuitarCodex need a java sound bank. The default sound bank in java is rather small. To get better sound with your java software. Download and install the from

LINKS: Other Useful Online Web Apps For Guitarists

  • Metronome Online A simple but usable flash metronome.
  • - Advanced Guitar Chord Inversion - Useful tool for getting chord diagrams for the inversions of any chord shapes you enter into the sites virtual fretboard.
  • Chorderator is a guitar resource site with a set of integrated guitar tools for generating chords and scales, for reverse decode chords and so on. There's a couple of points that makes this site stand out. Pretty unique to this site is the function to check what chords are in a scale, and vice versa, what scales contain a given chord. The Scalerator is an ingeniously designed scales generator. Besides generating fretboard maps of scales, it generates the tablature and musical notation for the selected fingerings too. But the best feature too me is that it instantly finds the best fingerings for scales. This makes this tool very useful for practising scales. You just have to be a bit careful on the sliding position selector. The Chord Designer is a good reverse chord finder for identifying chords from the fretboard. Then there's The Interval Quiz and a Chord Quiz, ear training tools that any guitarist should be able to work through. In additionally there's a music theory guitar blog at this site. All of the tools well integrated.

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