Audio Interfaces native ASIO drivers or Asio4All

Getting guitar software - like Guitar Rig, Amplitube, ReValver Mk II, or GuitarFX 3 - to work on your machine, you may need a new soundcard with ASIO support (i.e. low latency) with native ASIO drivers.

Windows If you don't have a audio inteface with ASIO drivers, you could try ASIO4ALL. ASIO4ALL is a universal ASIO driver for WDM audio that wraps ASIO capabilities around your existing sound card. Works for a lot of audio interfaces - but not all. ASIO4ALL is freeware. Asio4All may even surpass native ASIO drivers for some soundcards.

If this doesn't work, you need a new audio interface.


External audio interfaces

CD Players

  • Tascam CD-GT1mkII Portable Guitar Trainer - the ultimate training and jamming tool for guitarists, vocalists and other musicians. CD-GT1 is a handy little practicing tool to slow down tempo without changing keys, or change keys without changing tempos, and to loop segments you want to learn. You can plug your guitar directly into the CD-GT1mkII's 1/4“ input. It alsp supports a footswitch input for flash start or effects switching. It has 57 Built-in customizable modeling effects (distortions, clean tones, and vocals). Also included is a chromatic tuner.