Jazz Guitarist - alpabetical index

Directory of jazz gutarist with artist links. Eventually this is intendend to become a sortable database of jazz guitarist.


Jazz Guitarist - by first name

Jazz Guitarist - by surname

Sher, Ben Ben Sher

Ron Affif Johnny Alegre, Filipino jazz guitarist Johnny Alegre AFFINITY blog Randy Napoleon Andreas Paolo Perger Stochelo Rosenberg, Manouche style
Andreas Öberg, http://www.andreas-oberg.com/index2.html Elek Bacsik (1926 – 1993)
Danny Barker (1909 - 1994)
Derek Bailey (1930 – 2005) English jazz guitarust and a leading figure in the free improvisation movement.
Billy Bauer (1915-2005) American jazz guitarist. Cool jazz.

Billy Bean (1933) is an American jazz guitarist

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Bass guitar

History of Jazz Guitar

Eddie Durham
Herb Ellis
Tal Farlow
Grant Green
Freddie Green
Jim Hall
Barney Kessel
Eddie Lang
Huddie Leadbetter (Leadbelly)
John McLaughlin
Pat Metheny
Wes Montgomery
Joe Pass
Django Reinhardt

Raphael Rabello (Rafael Baptista Rabello) (1962 - 1995), Brazilian guitarist and composer.

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