Pat Martinos dim7 insights

It's a given that this is just scratching the surface of pat_martinos insights into the diminished_seventh_chord on the guitar fretboard. It's more like an introduction to it, focusing on its usefulness for visualizing drop 2 voicings on the guitar, using the dim7 chords for finding your way on the fretboard.

And the graphical presentation below, is based on an answer to a question in the JustJazz Discussion List, by Clay Moore: Re: Pat Martino techniques. “Pat uses the diminished 7th chord and the augmented triads to unravel some chordal and melodic possibilities on the guitar.” That is, you can build dominant 7, Major 7, minor 7, and minor 7 flat 5 chords from the dim7 chord:

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The music theory of Pat Martino - re-mapping the fretboard