Matt Otten

Matt Otten is a Dutch jazz guitarist, composer and jazz guitar educator, connected with people like Maria Harp, an world world-famous jazz bassist Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen, fusion jazz bass player Gary Willis (from Scott Hendersons Tribal Tech).

Matt Otten has posted a series of “Learn To Improvise” series of jazz guitar lessons (Jazz Exercises, All Jazz Refill, and Smooth Jazz Refill) - “providing everything to get started learning jazz guitar improvisation”. Check it out on his web site .

Here is a demo of what you can expect:

Being creative with a single scale, part 1 and 2

Lesson on how to create interesting solos over a single harmony with just a singe major scale - through good tone, rhythm and phrasing.

You can download the backing track for this lesson from Matt Ottens and Maria Harps page at Soundclick. Click “Music” and scroll down to the bottom of the page to Backing Track 1.

Being creative with 2 (or 3) scales

Download backing track from Matt Otten and Maria Harp page at Soundclick. Click “Music” and browse down to Backing Track 2.

YouTube (the link is to his profile on youtube)

Matt Ottens "Minor Masquerade" from his album "Secret Combination"

The tune is available on iTunes. Learn to play like this:

Matt Otten "The Only One" from his album "Secret Combination"

Fabulous «smooth jazz» video lesson with chord from Matt Ottens sitt studio, in four lessons.

Bm9 (or Bm7) Em7 (or Em9) F#sus7 eller F#11
Gm7 A11 eller Asus Cm7 Cm7

Bm9 (x2x232)
Em9 (x25432) b in the bass
A11 (5x543x)
Dmaj9 (x5465x)
Ab9-5 (4x433x) sub for D7
Gmaj7 (3x443x)
Dsus2/F# ()
Em7 (0x5430)
F#11 (2x210x)
Bm9 (x2x232)


Matt Otten on YouTube

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