Standard tuning

Standard tuning is the most common tuning for the guitar: E A D g b e'.

For bass guitar: E, A, D, g.

 e'|----- 1st String (thin, highest tone) e' --- 329.6 Hz  
  b|-------- 2nd String b ---------------------- 246.92 Hz 
  g|---------- 3rd String g -------------------- 196.0 Hz 
  D|----------- 4th String D ------------------- 146.8 Hz 
  A|------------- 5th String A ----------------- 110 Hz 
  E|---------------- 6th String(thick) E ------- 82.4 Hz 

Standard tuning for some other stringed instruments;

  • Violin and mandolin: G, D, A, E
  • Viola and cello: C, G, D, A

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